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hide me from the hole in the ground's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
hide me from the hole in the ground

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[10 Nov 2002|11:00pm]

this is just me...
hmmm...not even jackie joined...
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I guess I was too bored. [18 Oct 2002|02:33pm]

I guess I think Billy Idol is just cooler than everyone else. And this was very much to do. Because I got to pretend that I was cool for a few moments. I like this feeling of being bored.
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the city at eleven. [18 Oct 2002|09:04am]
On Tuesday, the walk up Broad Street towards school, probably at eleven thirty. Hover and it's like taking a trip to Philadelphia.

the pretty steps of the academy of music. I was once in a recital there. I guess that makes me cool

an intersection. broad and spruce. yes, because we were walking and I was just snapping randomly. but this looks pretty cool I guess.l

not in the picture: this mans pretty plaid handbag. no lie

I write on my self with cool pens that my dad gives me.
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[18 Oct 2002|08:33am]
and here I begin. and music does not matter. neither does moods. and no friends only. and I don't really care what you think. this is /oasis.
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